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The Basic Components of Parenting


It’s been said before, and it will be said again: it’s not easy to be a parent. Almost nobody is qualified in any way to be a parent when they first become one. Only through trial and error do they become good parents and raise their children well. In order to raise your child well, you have to consider many different things that all contribute towards development of the children.


First and foremost is discipline. This includes teaching your child what he or she is allowed to do, what is forbidden, and the difference between right and wrong. This is a huge responsibility. If you repress your child too much, he will grow up timid and afraid to try new things. If you let your child run amok with no supervision, he will not learn the basics of rules, and will likely have trouble with authority later in life. In other words, he will grow up to be a spoilt brat.  A perfect balance is needed, and it is rarely obtained. 


You should also teach your child about health. This is something that parents rarely fail to do, as is apparent with the phrase “eat your vegetables”. Instead of forcing your child to eat healthy foods, you should explain what foods are bad, and what effects they have on the body. Explain the benefits of being healthy. Obesity is a huge problem in the modern world, and you should help your child avoid falling into an unhealthy lifestyle. You should teach your child to adopt healthy habits like getting up early. You should make your children brush their teeth twice daily. Get them adapted to the habit of washing their hands and feet immediately after coming home from an outside visit. Children should be made to eat their food at appropriate times. They should be told to wash themselves thoroughly while taking bath.


Now that you have morals and health taken care of, you should think about what you will do to develop the mind of the child. Parents have always read to children at early ages, and for good reason. It is probably the best way to fill your child’s head with information. Unfortunately, reading has declined in recent years. You should make every effort to break this trend. Read to your child on a daily basis, preferably multiple times per day. You can read good moral stories and various epics. Teaching them the tradition and culture of their motherland is your responsibility as a parent. Also, read them the stories of freedom fighters. You should inculcate a nationalist feeling in your child.


Parenting is never an easy thing, and to do it effectively you have to be aware of so many different factors. You can find support in the form of magazines, books, or groups and classes. Think about everything that goes towards the development of a healthy, intelligent, well-rounded human being. It may be intimidating – and with good reason. But all you can do is trying your hardest to focus on every aspect of development. Find out more about top parenting secrets.