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Relieve Stress with Exercise

It is really ironic how there is a correlation between obesity and stress in our society. People are getting heavier, and they are experiencing a lot more stress. A lot of the complications of obesity and stress are the same. However, there is relief for these two problems and it is called exercise. You can relieve stress by exercising on a daily basis. It is very true. Exercise can help you lose weight by burning calories, and it can also help relieve stress since your body releases endorphins while exercising which can help to relax you and put you more at ease resulting in a feeling similar to euphoria. Many refer to this as the "runners high." Endorphins are similar structurally to morphine.


When you exercise on a regular basis these endorphins are released into your system and can calm the feeling of stress that you may be having. Long after you have left the gym the feeling of euphoria will still be with you. Another benefit of exercise is the stress busting factor, it will allow you to get rid of any pent-up frustration that you may have. The daily frustrations that we endure can add up and over time we turn into one big stress ball. Eventually we can literally explode from all the built-up stress.


Exercising as few as 30 minutes per day, most days of the week, can start to add up. What you do for exercise isn't all that important. What counts is that you are getting active and burning off some of those extra calories.


A regular exercise routine can get the stress to leave your system in a safe and healthy manner. When you make exercise a part of your normal routine, the endorphins will be released more often, and you will get the stress-relieving benefits more often, too. When we push that pent-up energy into something constructive, such as running, we can get relief from stress in a natural way without getting into trouble. Doing some high intensity exercise when you are angry can really make you feel so much better. If you still feel upset after spending a little time at the gym then most people will feel better after some more vigorous exercise. By converting angry energy into a physical workout, you can melt away a lot of stress and anger.


One other reason that exercise is a great way to relieve stress is because as you work out you receive a higher self-esteem. If we feel an insecurity with ourselves, we are on high alert and on a low simmer the vast majority of time. The stress that we face can be very much self-induced. Sometimes it is our very own doubt or insecurity that can cause the stress. Instead of doubts and securities being another stress factor you can use exercise to improve mental well-being and your physical self.


If you feel good about yourself, if you feel strong and in control and confident, then you are less likely to get stressed over some of the daily ups and downs of life. Exercise is a winning scenario. You can become physically healthy, lose weight and relieve stress. Exercise can help to relieve stress and lower blood pressure. As a result, you will be happier and lose some extra weight that you might have.