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The Importance of Minerals


We have to keep a good care of our health. Normally, health aspect is neglected due to pressure of work, bypassing meals, and extreme tension in meeting targets and deadlines. 


But, we can achieve anything with our mind and body in good shape of health. If not, it is very difficult to achieve your targets and meet the deadlines.


An attempt has been made to discuss many of the steps to be followed for keeping up good health. This, by no means can be construed as expert advice. You are advised to consult your doctor in case of any query.


Here we discuss the importance of minerals for our body and mind. 


Minerals are very important in building up and maintenance of bones, teeth, muscles, nerves, and blood. They help us in digesting our food and help our body to produce hormones.


Our body cannot produce minerals on its own. Hence, it is very important to feed our body its daily quota of minerals.


Minerals are divided into two sub groups:


1.    Macro Minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus etc are macro minerals.

2.    Micro Minerals: Iron, Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Germanium, etc are micro minerals.


Now we shall discuss various minerals one by one:


CALCIUM: Calcium is very important for the bones and teeth. It makes flow of blood easier. It helps in control of nerves and muscles control. It helps prevent several diseases caused by viruses. Also, some allergies are prevented.


Deficiency leads to Rickets, Back pain, indigestion, constipation, stomach ache etc.


Deficiency has to be countered by taking calcium tablets, and food that has calcium content.


Calcium is found in milk and dairy products, green leafy vegetables, fruits like orange, and cereals.


Magnesium:Magnesium helps in energy creation of our body, muscles movement, etc.,


Deficiency leads to lack of free movement of muscles, insomnia, urination in sleep, stones in kidneys, mental depression, forgetfulness, etc.,


Magnesium is found in milk, eggs, green vegetables, sea food, all cereals, etc.,


Potassium:Potassium helps in controlled blood flow, checking water level in the body and helping to expel bad water through urine, control of nerves and muscles etc.,.


Potassium deficiency leads to exhaustion, insomnia, weakness of muscles, constipation, low blood sugar, mental unrest, etc.,


It is found in bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, green vegetables like cabbage, fruits like orange, etc.,


Copper:Copper helps in development of brain, also helps in strengthening bones and teeth and nerves.


Copper deficiency leads to holes in bones, hair loss, anemia,  damage to heart etc.


But copper deficiency is very rare.


But, if it is taken in higher doses, it would become poisonous.


Copper is absorbed by body if food is cooked in copper vessels. It is also found in birth control pills.


Iron:Iron plays a very important part in creating hemoglobin in red blood cells. This carries oxygen in blood.


Deficiency of iron leads to physical weakness, inability to breath properly, exhaustion, forgetfulness, depression, etc., Iron deficiency is normally found more in children and women rather than men.


The excessive iron is also poisonous.


Blood donation may lead to iron deficiency.


Iron is found in meat, mainly red beef, eggs, beans, salmon fish, unpeeled hot potatoes, cabbage, and wheat.


 Zinc: Zinc helps in healthy bones, muscles, and eyes.


Deficiency of Zinc leads to pains in knees etc.,


It is found in beans and meat.


 Iodine: Lack of Iodine leads to underdevelopment of thyroid gland. But it is needed in small quantities only.


Lack of iodine leads to exhaustion, colds, low blood pressure, cholesterol increase in blood, thyroid cancer etc.,  


Iodine is found in water, sea fish, and Iodized salt.

Not only all these discussed above but manganese, chromium, selenium, cobalt, nickel, etc., help the mankind.


Good food should be able to feed the body its share of minerals, and energy. But, body should be able to digest them. If body is deficient in digestion, it is not possible to absorb them.


In this era of fast foods, the food taken by us is mostly of junk nature without any minerals or strength.


We have to avoid fast foods as far as possible.